Dockerfiles I use. Feel free to copy & use

Updated 1 month ago

all my bookmarks

Updated 2 months ago

Facebook Bot framework using hapijs as a webserver

Updated 4 months ago

Exercises to learn Hapijs

Updated 7 months ago

My solutions to Project Euler problems

Updated 9 months ago

General purpose scripts I wrote & use

Updated 10 months ago

URL shortener in swift. Experimental in Swift web framework

Updated 11 months ago

iOS apps I create to learn Swift

Updated 11 months ago

all vagrant files (dev environments)

Updated 1 year ago

Helpdesk system

Updated 1 year ago

Set of applications (windows client, web) to measure/analyze time spent in a day. Currently only Windows Client is ready.

Updated 1 year ago

static blog engine for the rest of us

Updated 1 year ago

a micro-blog in Django

Updated 1 year ago

Programming exercises in Swift

Updated 1 year ago